Fall in CT feels a lot like winter in TX. We totally need to up the winter clothes game soon. We have heard “layers” and “wool blend socks” a lot so I have been adding things to our Amazon list and purchasing a few items on paydays. Layers are a lot. It’s like wearing 4 outfits at once 😂 We are learning as we go and I’ve been told we have until December/January to get all of our winter necessities. The kids and I were surprised to see “snow pants” on their school supply list and are thankful a friend already gifted us with those since I have zero idea what I’m doing when it comes to winter clothes.

Life finally has a sort of cadence and we know our way to walk to the grocery store, pharmacy, and post office without having to use the gps. The leaves are changing colors and it’s so exciting for me… fall has always been my favorite season and now I’m in a place that’s famous for its fall foliage. I’m hoping to get a few day trips in to drive to see the best fall leaves sighting spots in New England. We’ve been working so hard with very few breaks between my work as a nurse that pays the bills (and also advocates for the LGBTQIA+ community) and our family’s work advocating for the trans community to do our part in changing hearts and minds. We have a lot to do leading into elections and then legislative sessions. 

A couple of weekends ago our family was presented with the “Profile in Courage” award at the Connecticut Voice Honors Gala. This weekend Kai was an invited guest to attend (via zoom) a global networking event for girls and non-binary youth leaders.

Not a single day goes by that I don’t think about the goodness of the people who continue to believe in us and help us. It’s what keeps us going. Now that we are here in the New England area it’s easier for us to look around for a safe place to call home within our budget. We are excited to find where we will be moving come spring.

I thought I’d include this article from the Texas Tribune. It serves as a reminder of why we had to get out of texas. We fully anticipate more of these heartbreaking stories of what trans youth are being subjected to and I cannot imagine Kai in this position. 


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