Rehoming the flock

Thank you to everyone who shared my post and begged your friends to rehome my little flock. 

Today a family came and took all of the chickens… even my 5 very good boys. They kept assuring the kids they have a beautiful place with 5 acres they can roam and stay together and that they will be well loved by their grandkids. Actually, maybe they were saying that to comfort me.

It took about 4 hours in the Texas heat for 4 adults to take down the runs, coops, toys, and all the other things my flock had collected to keep them happy and entertained. I was thankful for the heat because the sweat maybe helped camouflage the tears. I did ok until they put Phil in the kennel… the very best good boy. I’m thankful they found a home where they can stay together but damn, this really sucks. 

I’ll be ok. We’ll be ok. One more step closer to getting Kai out of Texas. On to the next step… it’ll definitely be easier than this one.

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