Forever thankful for our Chosen Family

A Facebook post from June 2021

Ahhh… when you walk into the comment section after your family has been there.
I remember this aunt. I remember when she lost her daughter in a tragic accident. My cousin was my age. I remember the days and nights younger me prayed for her. I remember the empathy I felt for her. I remember the fun times too. I just don’t remember my family being this mean, horrible, and uneducated.
I wonder when I’ll get used to this and it won’t feel so disappointing.
Oh, this isn’t the worst by far. I think seeing my cousin post my address and phone number in the comment section of a Fox News story when we lived in Pearland was probably one of the worst… or maybe some of the posts from my sister…or maybe when a cousin threatened to send my kid out in a body bag… Good times y’all. Good times.
I’m just rambling now.
Happy Pride y’all. Hugs to everyone that is OUT & PROUD despite awful family members. Forever thankful for our Chosen Family.

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