Give, Receive, Repeat

I’ve recently shared with y’all that the kids and I stayed at a shelter (The Bridge Over Troubled Waters, Inc.) when I left an abusive marriage. Well, I also needed help with transportation. CARS BY GRACE gave me a car to start college and when I received my tax return I was able to ask them “What can I buy for $3k?” I returned the car I’d been driving so they could give it to the next person.
I drove my Kia Sedona minivan for 7 years and at >200k miles I called them again… this time I bought a vehicle (Kia Sportage) and told them I’d like to donate my minivan back to the ministry that helped my family.
Today the transport truck came to pick up the minivan to take her to CARS so they can bless another family and help them accomplish their goals.
I sent the key still on the keychain it came with… that I’ve kept for 7 years.
Not ganna lie. I’ve cried some tears today when I watched the truck drive away with her. I was thinking of the goodness of my God and the people who truly serve him. I cried some more thinking of how faithful that minivan has been and what it meant to my family and said a prayer for the family that needs her.

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