Little momma

This is Kai at 19 months. The baby had been a toy in the childcare at church.

Kai would fight the other kids for it and cry when I picked her up and they’d take it away. *we were in church 3-4 times a week*

Someone finally gave her the baby 😇

4 thoughts on “Little momma

  1. What a beautiful family you have! What a wonderful mother you are. What a lucky girl your daughter is to have such an unconditionally loving Mom as you are. There are far too many of us who grew up with conditional love that prevented us for being who we were meant to be. I Thank God for you.

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  2. I don’t know where to start. I had a brother who in his 50’s was diagnosed as gender dysphoric (sic). My mom who was in her late 70’s accepted Nick becoming Janice. I was so proud of mom and Janice. Mom said it hurt her to know how unhappy her child was and there was nothing mom could do about it. Janice had surgery to make her female. I enjoyed having a sister even though I lived 2000 miles away. My sister died in 2015 at 62 years old. But she died happily as a female. It’s great to hear of parents accepting that their child has a difference that can be remedied. God bless you.

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