The hope found in Pulse

I wrote this on June 14, 2016

Yesterday was a very new experience for me. I’ve spent many years in “Mom ministry” but yesterday… Being virtually surrounded by Moms of LGBTQ children, I witnessed ministry and love in a new and powerful way.

Moms joining forces to check on our moms in the Orlando area to make sure all of our babies were safe. Moms reaching out to the moms you saw on the news, and to moms of those we found out about through connection, just to let them know that this huge group of moms is praying for them and we ache, and we cry, and we cry some more with them and for them.

Our secret sounding board on Facebook where the wall filled with raw emotions as we each processed what we were feeling. A sounding board because of the hate we saw as scripture was being used to justify these kids being slaughtered inside Pulse nightclub. A sounding board because our family and friends don’t understand that this effects us differently. A sounding board for celebration as some of our kids & families decided yesterday not to be hidden and came out publicly and announced who they are to their churches. A sounding board that I wish, I wish the world could see… But it can’t. The world can’t see our secret space here because it’s our safe place. Our nonjudgmental Christ filled space where love abounds.

I believe that God will use this tragedy to bring about good. I believe God will be glorified. I believe because it gives me hope. I believe because He is hope.

This is the perfect opportunity for each of us to be the Hands & Feet of Jesus ❤️

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