WARNING: This was early in our social transition (coming out of the closet). I still occasionally used wrong pronouns and probably said things I wouldn’t say now. But THIS is our journey and we share it with the belief that transparency changes hearts. is out of order (by date) because I asked permission before posting.

Yesterday my brother came to pick us up for a day at Moody Gardens. He saw Kai and said, “you cannot wear that”. Before I could jump in to defend my child my brother told Kai that the leggings did not match the skirt, and besides, leggings are going to be too hot for today. I was relieved to have at least one person supporting us.

I remember going out that day. I was so scared someone would know Kai wasn’t “really a girl”. I was in a stage of worrying constantly if she was “passing” as a girl.

It was a time filled with most of the people we loved disappointing us profoundly while others, like my brother, surprised us with their willingness to go on this journey with us.

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